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Bussiness Solutions | Industrial Solutions
Bussiness Solutions
All Stortec Business Solutions are tailor made to suit customers' storage media needs whether these are Box, Lever Arch, Hanging or Flat Files, Cards & etc.
ROTOSTORE - Vertical Carousel Office
Stortec RotoStore is an automated storage system where files are kept a click away from the user, utilizing less floor space compared to conventional filing systems. No need for bending or stretching to get the files from the system. Everything is delivered right on time. The use of Stortec specialized Document Management Software (DMS) monitors and controls every file movement, eliminating documents misplacement and valuable data loss.
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MOBISTORE - Mobile Shelving
Stortec MobiStore is a centralized archiving storage shelving system that utilizes the minimum floor space and increases a room storage capacity by at least 75% compared to static shelving. Shelving moves along tracks and eliminates the need of aisles between the racks which now can be used as storage space, its movement is ergonomic and can be either mechanical or electrical. It is a custom made system designed according to each room specific dimensions and complexity in order to offer the maximum space utilization. The electrical version of the MobiStore can be also connected with the Stortec specialized Document Management Software.
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REVOSTORE - Rotary Filing
Stortec RevoStore is a double sided cabinet unit within a modular cube that mechanically rotates to either side, to access the files only one access point is needed. Files can be obtained by simply rotating the cabinet to the desired side. It offers fast access to the files stored within the system, as at any time half of them are immediately available to the operator whereas the other half are just a rotation away. It is offered in various height dimensions in order to meet room specific characteristics and customer's needs and can be installed either against a wall, stand alone or back to back in the center of a room, or even as a part of the partition between offices. When shifting from traditional four-drawer cabinets to RevoStore an increase on storage capacity of a minimum of 40% up to a maximum of 200% should be expected.
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