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Industrial Solutions
Stortec Industrial Solutions completely transform today's stock handling by achieving faster and easier handling of more items on a considerably smaller floor space, utilizing the available ceiling height and consequently improve working environment.
VERTISTORE - Vertical Lift
Stortec VertiStore is a dynamic automated storage system that eliminates operator unnecessary travel time by delivering goods to the operator compared to the conventional method of going up and down aisles to reach the goods. A lift travels throughout the height of the system and retrieves shelves to the system delivery window which is located at an ergonomic height. It can accommodate from palletized goods to small parts or storage bins all in one system, machine identifies goods specific height during shelf hauling and delivers them to the adequate free area within the system. With the use of Stortec specialized Software the system can either be connected with your own Warehouse Management System or can work independently or with a group of VertiStore systems offering all adequate functions for achieving efficient picking and stock control.
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ROTOSTORE - Vertical Carousel Industrial
Stortec RotoStore is an automated storage system that combines your storage into a reduced footprint eliminating operators travel time. At a touch of a button the carousel will rotate its shelves and deliver the desired goods to the operator, so that no physical effort of bending down or reaching up is wasted. It can be designed to accommodate from boxes to small parts/goods. It is fully interfaceable with a PC and through Stortec specialized Software developed for the RotoStore it will offer to your organization increased productivity and stock control, with the Software the system can either be connected with your own WMS or work independently or with a group of systems.
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